The Amazing World of Gumball is one of the hit new cartoons these days. And there's a recurring character named Carrie Krueger. As a 3D ghost, she can possess others, does exorcisms, and lives in a haunted house. In one episode, she is seen reading a book entitled Gothic Clothing. However, Darwin once sang about her as "another emo freak".

"It smells like the undead. It makes me hungry."


  1. Hehe I remember episode when she possessed Gumball...
    It was a psychic xD

  2. She is like carrie from the book by stephen king

  3. I just love her!
    She is a real gothic girl.
    By the way I know more cartoons with goth girls:
    "Scary Larry"-Has a character named:Victoria, she is a gothic vampire girl.
    "Angel's Friends"-the animation is kinda lame in flash but the cartoon has a great villians gothic girls: Kabale e Cabiria.
    "Ever After High"(for the same creators of Monster High) as Haven Queen.
    "I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids" has a neon goth rebel girl called Zero. In one episode she was refered as "weird girl with living dead make up".
    Pardom my english.
    Have a nice month. Bye!

    1. Wow! It's my first time to encounter these shows, except for Ever After High (love the dolls). Angel's Friends reminds me of Winx Club, sort of.

      Scary Larry looks awesome. And Zero is such a cutey and unique goth.

      Thank you, Luci.

  4. I know another goth girl: Cassy from the Ultimate Book of Spells.