The Coven's Ten

Here are my top Goth girls who star in their own shows.

Samantha "Sam" Manson from Danny Phantom. She's the leading female, being Danny Phantom's Goth best friend and eventual love interest. She has an upholding fascination for the subliminal and netherworldly, but combines this with an outspoken attitude on vegetarianism, animal rights and environmentalism. Her personality is seemingly less dreary than the stereotypical Goth, and more an outlet for her independence and individuality. Sam is often the most pragmatic of the group, and always gets Danny and Tucker out of trouble. It is hinted that she has a psychic connection to Danny. She usually clashes with her preppy parents, who are actually wealthy, but she keeps this a secret so she would not have fake friends. As far as I can remember, she's the very character who introduced me to the Goth subculture.
Raven from Teen Titans. As the daughter of the demon, Trigon, Raven has powerful dark abilities such as shadow spells, psychokinesis, and teleportationHer favorite mantra is "Azarath Metrion Zinthos". When she finds out her father Trigon will conquer our world, she joins the Teen Titans to stop him, and stays to continue protecting Jump City and fighting the darkness within her. Her powers and looks are retained in the animated series. Raven is of course the silent and mysterious one in the team. She's emotionally restrained, and spends her spare time reading occult books, meditating in mid-air and hiding in her dark room. She becomes White Raven during unique circumstances. It is her most powerful and purest form, for her "powers are driven by emotion. The more you feel, the more energy you unleash."
Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. In Tim Burton's wicked film, Beetlejuice is the antagonist, who ends up nearly marrying a disgusted Lydia. In the animated series, they are best friends, and Lydia, something of a social misfit in the living world, frequently visits him in the afterlife during her free time. She summons him through a ritual, while wearing a cobweb-patterned red pereline. She's in her preteens in the show but is pretty much mature, well-mannered and friendly, especially towards the creatures of the Neitherworld. She's a talented amateur photographer, entomologist, seamstress and sketch artist with an innate affinity and love for all things gross, weird and macabre.
Ingrid Third from Fillmore!. In the style of hard-boiled police dramas, this Disney series is about solving juvenile crimes in a middle school. Ingrid is a seventh grader, recruited by Fillmore shortly after he clears her name in a tough case. The two have since become best partners in the Safety Patrol. Like Fillmore, she is also a former delinquent. She was sent to a reform school in Nepal for an incident "involving a stinkbomb and pinata". Yet she becomes the smartest kid in X Middle School due to her photographic memory, which is quite helpful in their investigations. Though still a rookie, Ingrid is determined, tough and under-estimated.
Dylan Beekler from Golan the Insatiable. Hands down, awesome show from Fox's ADHD. After reading a few passages from a mysterious tome, Dylan summons the dark warlord, Golan the Insatiable, from the realm of Gkruool. Proving herself worthy, she becomes his loyal acolyte. Together they spread demonic pandemonium around town, and enact vengeance upon her bullies and apathetic family. She speaks in a prosaic manner and looks down at people. Though little, she is more fervent with Medieval warfare and torture than Golan, who still treats her like a weak puny kid, much to her chagrin. Dylan is the ultimate anti-social and perpetually angry Goth, yet she is in fact a lonely child, hence her obsession and special bond with Golan. I wish I also have a demonic overlord of my own.
Rogue from X-Men Evolution. Contrast to the comics' Southern belle, Rogue is re-imagined as a rebellious and cynical, yet insecure and emotionally needy teenager. This results from her mutant power to automatically absorb abilities of other mutants, and energies of other people when she touches them. This keeps her very distant from friends and love interests like Cyclops or Gambit. She was raised to hone her powers by Mystique, who even disguised herself as a fellow Goth named Risty Wilde to be close to her. Indeed, Rogue considers her mutant power as a curse and broods over it. In the series, her power grows stronger that it almost drives her insane, until her frienemy Jean Grey takes over her mind.
Gwen from Total Drama Island. Though she hates the show, Gwen auditions due to a dare from her brother. And so, she becomes a member of the Screaming Gophers, and unexpectedly, one of the strongest competitors. She is smart, independent, likable and level-headed, stating her best quality is her inability to get excited over miniscule things, unlike the popular crowd of sheep. Heather and other mean girls ridicule her, while underdogs look up to her. She even gets to date cool guy Trent and bad boy Duncan. Gwen eventually makes it to the finals and becomes the grand winner of Season 1. She then returns for special spin-offs and reunions, like as team captain of the Screaming Gaffers.
Creepella "Creepie" Creecher from Growing Up Creepie. The show is produced by Discovery Kids to let young ones learn more about the wonderful world of insects. Creepie was abandoned as a baby in Dweezwold Mansion, where a mΓ©lange of insects live in. Her father is a vegan vampire-like mosquito and her mother is a Morticia Addams-like praying mantis. Creepie, of course, can talk to them but she keeps her life a secret because Middlington is a town of insectophobic people. After each episode, she recounts interesting trivia about the episode's featured insect, with her catch phrase "Wicked". Aside from her entomological talents, whenever she recites poetry, actual creepy stuff happens, and her photography brings out the beauty of the decayed.
Joan of Arc from Clone High. She's the clone of Jeanne d'Arc, a 15th century teenage girl who joined the French Army because God spoke to her, yet was burned at the stake for heresy. Unlike the real saint, Joan is an agnostic Goth girl. Well, the rest of the clones do parody historic figures. She's the female best friend of Abe Lincoln, along with Gandhi. She's a witty and outspoken vegan feminist. But she suffers from mundane angst, especially from her unrequited love for the clueless Abe, who instead adores the conceited Cleopatra. Joan has a tendency to erupt melodramatically into tears. The show is a parody of teen dramas prominent at that time, with a pop rock intro song and a "very special episode" every time.
Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure TimeSpecial mention. More of a punk rock chick, Marceline is a thousand year-old vampire who sucks shades of red. Finn describes her as "a radical dame who likes to play games." Beneath her trickster facade, she has complicated feelings and deep stories kept to her self, like with Bubblegum and Simon. Her father is Hunson Abadeer of the Nightosphere, whom she inherited her demonic soul-eating ability from. She has powers of levitation, shape-shifting, necromancy and invisibility, which she obtained from the vampires she hunted in the past. She was then bitten by the Vampire King whilst defeating him, and became immortal. Marceline is known for her musical talent with her axe bass, and numerous alternative outfits.


  1. I love sam, lydia, ingrid, and yumi. They are my favorite characters. And dude, sam also introduced me into the goth culture too. I love danny phantom and beetlejuice is the show as well as puffy ami yumi.

  2. cool you changed your blog and it is really popular.

  3. I actually never got into Danny Phantom because I thought the humor was trying way too hard to be for kids, BUT I think Sam made me want to like it more than I did. She was really cool.

    1. Danny phantom is actually really funny,i laugh my ass of watching it.

  4. Hi.
    I like what you done with this blog.
    You forget about some characters from other animated series. Like in one episode of "Brace Face" Sharon Spits go on gothic trying to take her mom atencion.Halley Kim from Batman the animated seires is gothic to. Nemi Montoya is a gothic girl from the strips in the pages of the newspaper Metro.
    Lenore the little gothic girl don't enter in the list. And the Disney Vilians like Cruella Devil, and other ones.

  5. Awesome!
    Oh Lenore can fit in the digital midia.
    Did you think "Aeon Flux" is a gothic character?
    Well, she dress all black, has a serious mood and live in a cyberpunk world of the future.
    Hey, I remember more gothic girls.
    From "X-men Evolution" cartoon has the other two characters who are goth. The girls Misty Wilde (Mistique on disguise) and Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet witch).
    And the episode 10 of the season 2 of "X-men Evolution" the mutant girls go on gothic to show the town their "Girl Power".
    You just heard about "Pandora Peroxide"?
    Is a character created by Ray Zell.
    She is a goth/rocker girl with a sarcastic and mean personality.
    Pandora appears in the comic strip of the magazine "Kerrant".
    Ray Zell has another gothic character "Hellen" from the comic book "Kontinnum".

    This is Pandora:

    And this is the Ray Zell website:

    Well, that is it.
    And pardon my english.
    I'm a goth brasilian and I have some difficult with write sometimes.
    See Ya!

  6. I love Sam; she's the one who introduced me to the subculture of Goth.

    1. Me too.she gives a good impression on the gothic sbculture.

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  8. oh! there´s another one!!!!

    her name is Janice, she is from "Creepschool" an old show of nickelodeon

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  10. Tom and jerry, Scooby –Doo, The Flintstones are some famous and popular cartoon shows. Tom and Jerry shows are very interesting and I love their hide and seek plays.

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  12. You forgot to mention Crimson form Total Drama: Ridonculous Race

  13. You forgot Dixie from daddy I'm a zombie.⚰πŸ•·

  14. Mantha from Casper scare school πŸ•·πŸ‘»πŸ’€

  15. I think Janice Kowalsky from "Creepschool" also counts as a goth girl

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  17. Have you noticed... All these girls have chin/shoulder length hair? Even I do, and I'm Goth lmao.

  18. Yo what's the name of that show where it's stop-motion animated and the main character is a goth chick, and also there's an alcoholic swamp monster and a kid with no legs that gets around on a skateboard?

    1. Never mind I found it, it's called What It's Like Being Alone