Look who I saw in Ben 10 Omniverse: three Goth cameos in one. There's Raven, Jinx, and loligoth Stocking from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Like Gwen Tennyson, they are students of the esoteric Friedkin University. They are usually seen under grey hoodies because they belong to a secret allied group of the villainous Darkstar.

"Finally! I've been waiting (mumble, mumble)"


  1. Mystery, Incorporeal (S5 E42)
    Charm School (S7 E63)

  2. Well, did you mentioned Nina or Mina from the cartoon "banicula".
    I'm pretty sure she is gothic, unless a baby bat.

  3. The comic book Nocturnals by Dan Brereton, has a character "Halloween girl".
    The comic strip from Kerrang magazine we have "Pandora Adora" or just "Pandora" by Ray Zell.
    Character "Zica" from "Zica e os camaleões" (Brazilian animated series).